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Why Should You Use RapidSTATUS™ Kits by Biotech Diagnostics?

Biotech Diagnostics’ RapidSTATUS™ test kits key features include…

Easy to use

Unsurpassed specificity and sensitivity

Results in 10 minutes

no refriferation needed

18 month shelf life

dual, triple and quadruple multi-test cassettes

Product Lineup

Porcine Tests
Porcine icon

Analyte – Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Antigen
Sample Type – Fecal Sample

Analyte – RapidSTATUS™ Influenza
Sample Type – Nasal Swabs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EDTA tubes required when collecting samples used for your FIV tests?

Yes when you are collecting blood samples should should be collected in EDTA tubes.

Will the test kits provide EDTA tubes like the Antigen kits?

No. We do not provide blood collection tubes in any of our kits. Any EDTA or heparin tubes can be used (both are indicated in the direction insert).

Can CPV Ag and Giardia Ag buffers be interchanged?

You can exchange fecal samples Parvovirus Antigen and Giardia Buffers.

Can FIV and CHW Chase buffers be interchanged?

Yes. The FIV and CHW chase buffers are interchangeable.

For parvo antibody titres, what number (ie. 1-10) equates to the titre of > 1:80 that is considered a “high level” of antibodies.

The faint pick/red line detected by eyes is considered low positive sample This sample will have minimum of HI titer 1:80. This is considered lowest HI 1:80 titer.

Can the Canine Heartworm test be used for feline patients?

Yes. The Heartworm test can be used for both Canine and Feline patients.

Can the Canine Giardia test be used for feline patients?

Yes. The Giardia test can be used for both Canine and Feline patients.

Is the CPV Ab Test the same as the FPV Ab Test?

Yes. They are the same tests.

How do I do an Antibody Test with Biotech Tests?

Here is a link to a brief instructional video: Click Here

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