Dr. Gordon Heslop

Glenhaven and Winston Hills Veterinary Hospitals- NSW

I have used many of the new Biotech diagnostic tests for over six months. The tests are quick and simple to use, and deliver dependable results in about ten minutes. The Biotech range of tests gives me the answers I need to determine the presence of a wide range of antibodies and antigens in the blood of my canine and feline patients. I can choose the test that is most appropriate for my patients and analyse the blood while my clients are still in the hospital.

In this way, I can give my clients the answers immediately so they don’t have to be called back for treatment. We can implement appropriate action at the initial consultation. It is a more effective use of my time, and their’s. For instance, we can treat for Giardiasis if present; similarly, we can diagnose a wide range of diseases and initiate treatment straight away.

I am particularly excited by the antibody titre testing for Distemper, Parvovirus and Hepatitis. These Biotech tests, augmented by the digital reader, give us an almost immediate answer for our clients to help us decide whether their dogs need booster vaccination. We can advise them of their pets’ level of protection and tailor their vaccinal needs. We can offer annual “patient-side” titre tests for these core diseases and instigate or avoid vaccination as appropriate. Until now, our clients have not wanted to wait for the results to come back from the other side of the country (or the other side of the world), and have mostly elected to vaccinate not knowing whether or not their pet required a booster. With the advent of these in-house titre tests we can provide a new standard of excellence in veterinary practice, and at the same time ensure client retention and growth of the practice. Income we lost from vaccinating every three years with triennial vaccines can be replaced with revenue from annual core disease antibody tests. These antibody tests can realistically be incorporated into an annual health check, with answers available while the client and dog are still with us. We record the result on the patient’s file and the year to year trends are a valuable offering to our clients.

This will be another way to encourage them to come back to our practice to gauge how their pet’s protection is tracking from year to year - a valuable offering to stimulate return business. These Biotech tests enhance our standing with our clients and give greater professional satisfaction and improved financial return to our practices.

Annalisa Pope BVSc, BSC

Head Veterinarian - SPCA Christchurch Centre

The SPCA Christchurch Veterinary Clinic evaluated the following rapid point of care diagnostic tests:

  • FIV Antibody
  • FIV/FeLV Dual Test
  • Giardia

We received a total of 30 tests of each variety.  Although the sample size is small we can confirm we found exccellentresults when comparing Biotech RapidSTATUS tests to two different alternate test methods/reference laboratories. 

From our small in-house study we can conclude 100% specificity and 100% sensitivity rates.

Testing was performed strictly as per kit instructions. EDTA whole blood samples were used for the FIV and FIV/FeLV combo tests, and fecal samples for the Giardia tests. Testing was conducted between the time period of the 22nd of February  and the 3rd of May 2019.

Test Results (Number positive/Number tested)

  • Feline Immundeficiency Virus Antibody Lateral Flow test kit - 6/30
  • FIV/Feline Leukemia Virus Antigen dual lateral flow test kit - 5/30 (FIV), 1/30 (FeLV)
  • Canine Giardia Fecal Antigen test kit - 10/30

We tested two known Fel-O-Vax FIV vaccinated adult cats (thier most recent booster vaccinations were received three months prior, and ten months prior). Both tests returned negative on the Biotech RapidSTATUS tests and strongly positive on an alternate FIV/FeLV Snap test, showing no vaccination cross-reaction in Biotech tests.

We are very impressed by the speed of results with the Biotech RpaidSTATUS tests (a positive result usually showed within three minutes).